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The Circuit Sword

Create your own Gameboy Zero without all of the hassle of soldering for hours and debugging a crap load of dodgy electronics. Plug and play is here, and it's fantastic.

Carbon - Code to Image

If you need to present code easily as an image (Twitter?) then you usually end up just taking a screenshot that's ugly and probably includes a messy UI - Here's your answer!

Unsplash - 100% Free Imagery

Few things in life are free - but at you can acquire 100% completely free high quality imagery for your website (Or for other uses). The photos here are brilliant.

Speeding Up Your Website

There are some simple steps you can take to speed up a website that don't involve rebuilding the entire thing. Here's a few tricks to get you going stay speedy for your visitors.

Game Boy Zero

If you are of a certain age and play video games, there's a good chance you often wish you could play those old games you used to play. Enter the Game Boy Zero

Free SSL with Let's Encrpyt

It used to be the case that to obtain even a simple SSL certs for your website you needed to pay - but that's no longer the case thanks to 'Let's Encrypt'.

Inspiration: Archillect

Lately I've been getting into all things 80's and reliving some of my youth - and yes that means a lof of Synthwave has been played! But also this twitter feed has had my attention.

Laravel Collections: when()

Laravel's Collections have many features that can save you time, including this little gem. No longer do you need to use un-eloquent (pun intended!) code to filter your queries.

PHP Roundtable - Laravel

The regular podcast PHP Roundtables latest episode takes a good look at Laravel, and includes on the panel Taylor Otwell, the creator of Laravel, and others involved in...